8/29/19. Fall 2019 Research Methods.

Beginning my research class and my first thought is “It sounds like this class will finally teach us what we needed to know for a productive colloquium discussion.” GRRRRRRR, that’s over and I’m disappointed we didn’t learn this before we embarrassed ourselves and the teachers in front of the guest artists. Ce` la vie! Anyways, I started mapping out my influences last night. It was kinda funny; the first art I remember being drawn to (don’t laugh or judge too harshly) was Bob Ross. BUT, I only liked his paintings before he added the foreground. Watching him paint flying mountains was magical to me and I was always disappointed when he covered them. The second artist was Van Gogh, which makes a lot of sense to me because of his fascination with Japanese prints. People often remark on my Japanese-like aesthetic and I’m realizing that it was something I was interested in before I even knew what it was. Other influences of mine are AbExers and action painters. Japanese prints, scrolls, calligraphy, ink paintings and (from left field) Georgia O’Keeffe. Also, Hopper for the loneliness I feel looking at his work, psychology, philosophy and AA. As well as the architecture around downtown Ogden (I’m not familiar with the movement names). Jenny Holzer and Glenn Ligon. And never to be ignored; Fall Out Boy (and music in general) These are just some broad examples artistic, theoretical, and general influences in my practice.

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