Bio and Statement

Katie Strader graduated with a BFA from Weber State University and is currently pursuing her MFA at the School Of Art Institute Of Chicago.

Artist’s Statement
I offer viewers the opportunity to embrace the fluidity of being through the use of layers and semi-transparent or organically shaped surfaces, hopefully, evoking a visceral connection to the work. By defying the linear definition of a person or thing, I’m defying its “fixed” Identity.  Daily we’re confronted with a world that functions almost entirely on titles that try to define us and titles we try endlessly to define.  But what happens if we re-frame our understanding of identity from a noun to a verb?  Turn it into an action? Allow ourselves the freedom to change and grow.  Does our ability to understand ourselves and others become more fluid and authentic?   Perhaps, even cultivating empathy and stronger societal tolerance.  This focus on the “act” of being as opposed to “fact” is what I strive for in my work.  I ask the viewer to move past the immediacy of titles and experience a subject as a drawn out moment cradled within a space, to portray the honesty of a piece without limiting it to one discipline.   These  active works invite deeper efforts of interpretation and offer a space to accept ourselves and connect with others.