Bio and Statement

Katie will receive her MFA this summer at the School Of Art Institute Of Chicago. In August she will dive fully into her new business RocketFall Gallery while creating new work and applying to shows across the country.

In the past I’ve struggled to understand the relevance of the landscape in the contemporary world and often believed I operated dualistically, combining the visual language of landscape with a happening. Consider the islands I painted were ‘directions’ and the background was the ‘space’ provided for the viewer to participate in the actions. If you’re asking yourself “WTH?”, so was I. My best explanation was “I’m attempting to evoke a visceral reaction in the viewer, something that inspires the physical response of investigation”.   

I’ve been deeply investigating the ties between intention and outcome as I play with what form a landscape must take to still achieve the performance of landscape. 

With a new understanding of landscape, I’ve moved into multimedia installation and become obsessed with new materials I used to paint with. For me, light is like watercolor, translucent and easily spilled or applied as a wash, while plastic glasses that light shines through and the mirrors light reflects off of are brushes that control the application of texture. Sound is the equivalent to acrylics, applied in layers of individual components or colors that build up to create form, unexpectedly and sometimes combatively self-aware; while the physical movement of the viewer through the space is my charcoal that adds richness to my highlights as opposition to stillness.

I’ve come to understand and accept my choice of materials as a way to frame my work through the lense of motherhood/feminism/autonomy. If the concept of motherhood was considered anti-feminist at one point, I find a new form of feminism emerging that focuses on the concept of motherhood in terms of autonomy over prescription. Instead of feminism rejecting an entire aspect of someone’s life i.e.: motherhood, it promotes a personal development and understanding of motherhood as an autonomous role neither greater to nor lesser than any other a woman chooses to undertake.