Bio and Statement

Katie Strader graduated with a BFA from Weber State University and is currently pursuing her MFA at the School Of Art Institute Of Chicago.

Artist’s Statement Spring 2020
There are gestures and symbols that repeatedly show up in my landscapes, specific markings that are as spontaneous and they are highly directed, consisting of one to two vertical lines slashed through with a single zagging, curling and dragging line; these are the first deliberate marks (outside of text) I make in every painting. Through my readings, research and subsequent writing, I’ve realized the significance of these as “marks of creation”.  They are starting points of my personal Myths and I have developed them into a complete lexicon representing the written story of how and why everything was, is and will continue to enter into existence.

If what separates Humans from other animals is the ability to create fiction and believe in something we cannot see/have no direct proof of, if we know that we are capable of creating untruth and we can infer that, due to the number and variety of religions claiming to be true, at least some rely on this ability of belief in order to exist, how is it possible and why could it be necessary for people to ignore this paradox and believe.